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Do you want to sell your equipment in Russia? We will help you with dealer selection and with promotion of your products on the Russian market.

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Supply of deck equipment of the leading European manufacturers

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Ship diesel engines of leading European manufacturers. Spare parts for marine diesel engines.

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Wide range of pump equipment. Marine pumps and spare parts.

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Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment for various purposes: pumps, electrical equipment, spare parts for construction and lifting equipment.

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The official dealer of AEG company (supply of industrial electrical equipment) in Russia.

The official dealer of AEG in Russia

The German AEG Industrial Engineering company is a part of world-famous AEG holding, which is producing a wide range of electrical equipment for more than 125 years,.

To consolidate its positions in the Russian market AEG Industrial Engineering company chose our partner in this country - the company "Dialog-Technika" as the official dealer in Russia. 

With our support, electrical equipment for industry, energy and transport has got significant part of the Russian market of industrial electrical equipment. Our partners do a lot of dealer work to educate consumers about updates of AEG company products in different areas.

Largely due to the done work, AEG products has become the de facto standard of industrial electrical equipment in Russia, especially in the electricity and electronics. Customers receive complete information support and advice, dealer center workers carry out the design and supply of equipment, make reconstruction and modernization of existing equipment of its customers.

The dealer’s specialists launch sophisticated equipment and carry out its commissioning. If necessary, by agreement with the client, they can make additional service, inspection and repair.

As a dealer in Russia, the "Dialog-Technika" company delivers a full range of AEG products to its customers:
- Equipment for power industry (Power generation sets with diesel and gas engines);
- Electrical components (low-voltage devices and equipment, TCR-converters and power distribution transformers);
- A variety of industrial electronics (excitation system for generators, frequency converters for gas turbines, current transducers, coils and other equipment);
- Hardware and software automation;
- A variety of drive technology (engines and transformers);
- A wide range of equipment for transport.

supply of industrial electrical equipment

If your company manufactures industrial electrical and plans to enter the Russian market, we encourage you to look at the services of «TSS GmbH» on recruitment of Russian companies as your official dealer in Russia.

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