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Successful Russian market entry of BORNEMANN, manufacturer of twin-screw self-priming cargo pumps

Bornemann pumps - dealer to Russia

BORNEMANN Pumps Company (Germany) is well-known in the market of industrial and marine pumps for over 150 years. Self-priming pumps are capable of pumping almost any non-homogeneous liquids of different viscosity from bitumen and hydrocarbons to acids and alkalis.

With assistance of «TSS GmbH», BORNEMANN products successfully entered the market of Russia and CIS countries. At the moment, the official distributor of BORNEMANN on the market of marine equipment in Russia is our partner - "Dialogue-Technika" from St. Petersburg.

As a dealer of this company in Russia, our partners do much work to promote BORNEMANN marine equipment among Russian dockyards and other consumers. Participation in exhibitions, booklets, posting information on the website, creating optimal schemes of delivery and customs duties - all this makes BORNEMANN pumps more affordable and competitive for Russian companies. Another ways of equipment promotion in the Russian market can be found here. 

Bornemann Pumps are used not only in marine equipment industry, but also in chemical and oil refining industries, food and cosmetic industries, building and mining, gas and oil production. High performance and ability to work with viscous petroleum products allow the use of Bornemann twin-screw self-priming pumps on oil terminals during vessels bunkering and in the production cycle of oil refineries.

Other areas of BORNEMANN activity are: production of Progressive Cavity Pumps for very viscous materials, manufacturing of Multiphase Boosting pumps, pumps for Subsea Boosting and etc.

twin-screw self-priming cargo pumps

Planning to enter the Russian equipment market, you should find a reliable company in Europe, which will help you to easily overcome many problems that exist on this thorny path. The «TSS GmbH» company has a large experience in the dealer work in Russia for European manufacturers. We helped the «Bornemann» company and many other European manufacturers (more than ten). We can help you too. Learn more about our capabilities and capabilities of our partners in Russia. 

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