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The official dealer of DALI compressor equipment in Northwest Russia

The official dealer for the supply of DALI compressors in Northwest Russia

Another successful example of our partner’s participation in dealer network creation in Russia is our partnership with one of the largest manufacturers of compressor equipment - company "Dalian Trade Development Co, Ltd".  As a result - the "Dialog-Technika" company became the official dealer of «DALI» in the North-West of Russia.

A big role in choosing the regional dealer was played by a large experience of "Dialogue-Techika" in making of Russiaт representationы of the world's leading manufacturers of marine and industrial equipment.

Thanks to the successful work of the dealer network, DALI compressors are used in many large Russian companies (more in Russian). With the direct participation of dealers, DALI compressors received the Russian Certificate of Technical Regulations on the Safety of machinery and equipment.

A few words about the merits of DALI compressors. Screw air compressor stations by DALI are replacing outdated and inefficient piston compressors made by other manufacturers. Screw compressors are ahead of them in terms of performance, reliability and cost, they also have less noise and vibration.

The product line of DALI compressor stations is quite large and our specialists can easily find the best model of compressor equipment considering its power and performance ( from 0.8 m³ / min up to 104 m³ / min).

As an authorized dealer, we explain to our customers that DALI compressors benefit not only from the initial price of equipment, but most importantly - at the total cost of the future operation.

Russian consumers are offered by all 6 series of compressors, including the most recent developments of the company: energy-saving compressors and compressor systems with a frequency converter.

Two-stage screw compressors;

A full product line of DALI compressor stations includes the following series:
- Two-stage screw compressors;
- Air-cooled compressors;
- Water-cooled compressors;
- Compressors with frequency converter;
- Energy-saving compressors;
- Portable compressors.

Information for manufacturers of marine and industrial equipment from Europe, Asia and North America. If you plan to enter a very perspective Russian market or if you want to create a representative office or the dealer network in this country, the specialists from «TSS GmbH» will surely help you with this. More about our offers. 

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