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KRAL dealer in Russia: supply of screw pumps, flow meters and spare parts.

KRAL dealer in Russia

The Austrian company «KRAL AG» is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. It produces a wide range of screw pumps (fuel, oil, for cooling systems, etc.) and spare parts for them. KRAL is high quality, innovation and quick response anytime and anywhere.

KRAL AG company has selected our partner "Dialogue-Technika" from St. Petersburg as an official dealer in Russia. Dealer certificate of KRAL in Russia is also presented on our website.

For few years of cooperation with the dealer it were realized more than 15 large projects of KRAL pump equipment implementation in the industry, shipbuilding and oil production. Main major consumers from Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries are large companies such as LUKOIL, Novoship, LG, Kazzink, Chernomorsktransneft etc.

Thanks to the active work of the Russian office, KRAL screw pumps are used:

  • As ship equipment, as the gear and circulation pumps for fuels and lubricants;
  • As industrial equipment, when applying lubricant and coolant for gears, engines, turbines and hydraulic systems, in mechanical engineering and electrical power industry;
  • In the chemical industry, at plastic processing (polyurethane, etc.)
  • In the heat industry, as the ring and transfer pumps for oil-fired power injectors.

Russian consumers are offered all nine models of screw pumps, including Screw Pump Double Stations and pumps with Magnetic Coupling.

supply of screw pumps KRAL, flow meters and spare parts

Marine pumps and flowmeters by KRAL are characterized by high reliability, compact size and long life. Each pump has a mandatory certification in the factory before shipment.

If you plan to bring your pump or other equipment on the Russian market, then you should contact «TSS GmbH». We will certainly help you, as we helped to the Austrian company KRAL and another European manufacturers of marine and industrial equipment. Read more about our capabilities and services.

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