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The official dealer of Pioneer Pump on supply of pump equipment in the North-West Russia

The official dealer of Pioneer Pump in the North-West Russia

Russia is a large country with boundless territorial dimensions. In some cases for large companies it is better to have not only one dealer in country, but to have many in different regions of it. Creation of a dealer network depends also from type of equipment and its demand. 

This is how the Pioneer Pump Inc. / Ltd. company (US-UK, www.pioneerpump.co.uk) organized a dealer network in Russian.

The successful work of «TSS GmbH» and our partner in Russia "Dialogue-technika" with other European equipment manufacturers have allowed us to become an official dealer of Pioneer Pump Inc. / Ltd. in the North-West of Russia.

As an authorized Pioneer dealer, we are involved in organization of exhibitions in St. Petersburg (Russia). We also acquaint mining, oil, gas and chemical industry companies in Northwest Russia with the possibilities of Pioneer pumping equipment. In order to inform companies about the merits of Pioneer self-priming pumps, we print special materials in Russian. Also they can take information from a "Dialog Technika" web site.

Vacuum-assisted, self-priming Pioneer pumps are widely used in many industries and allow you to perform the following tasks:
- Mine dewatering (coal, ore, etc.);
- Oil and gas mining;
- To dewater the sand pits during construction works;
- Pump clean or contaminated water or other liquids in the energy and petrochemical industry, steel and wood processing industries;
- Water supply and Wastewater;
- Manufacture of food products, etc.

Vacuum-assisted, self-priming Pioneer pumps

More details and examples of the areas of Pioneer pumps application are described in the catalog of pumps in Russian (booklet) (Russian consumers receive it), and in a short review in English (booklet).

If you are planning, as a Pioneer Pump company, to successfully enter the Russian market of industrial equipment, the «TSS GmbH» company is ready to give you full support in this matter (for details, see "Dealers in Russia"). Our experience in organization of dealer network, our ability to solve all the problems on equipment certification, organization of operational delivery and customs procedures, will help your company to successfully launch business in Russia.

You can get acquainted with another example of dealer network organization for DALI compression equipment company at this page.