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Deck equipment

Supply of deck equipment of the leading European manufacturers

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Marine engines

Ship diesel engines of leading European manufacturers. Spare parts for marine diesel engines.

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Wide range of pump equipment. Marine pumps and spare parts.

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Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment for various purposes: pumps, electrical equipment, spare parts for construction and lifting equipment.

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Supply of marine pumps. Spare parts to pump equipment.

Marine pumps supply

Marine pump is an important part of ship's equipment, which ensures functionality of many of its systems. Pumping equipment usually operates in severe operating conditions. To ensure a long service life of pumps it is needed to provide a good quality maintenance, and if necessary - fast repair or replacement of old equipment using modern models.

Employees of «TSS GmbH» will help you to solve all these problems. We are ready to help you to find and quickly deliver everything that you need for service, repair or even replacement of your pump equipment. Our company's specialists will help you create a list of spare parts, accessories and supplies needed for repair. If necessary, based on the operating conditions, we will recommend you the best option to replace outdated or unserviceable pump to its modern, more efficient and reliable analog.

We supply marine pumps for different purposes and principles of action: screw and centrifugal, volumetric and gear, fuel, oil, for cooling systems and also cargo pumps for various types of liquids.

You can call or email us now to order spare parts or marine pumps in a kit. You can order pumps of almost any model from these manufacturers:

  • Iron
  • Kvaerner
  • KSB
  • Allweiler
  • Scanpump
  • Behrens
  • Framo
  • IMO
  • SIHI

For a number of pumping equipment manufacturers, for example, KRAL, Bornemann, Garbarino  there are limitations in regional supply terms, so please precise information with our consultants.

Most valuable spare parts to pumps are:

  • Piston
  • Bush, sleeve
  • Fresh water pump, main duct pump
  • Sea water pump
  • Exhaust (discharge) valve
  • Inlet (suction, intake) valve
  • Bearing
  • Bearing shell
  • Seal
  • Gasket, packing
  • Gland
  • O-ring
  • Compression ring
  • Impeller
  • Body, casing

More complex information about all models of marine pumps, spare parts to them, their availability and time of delivery is available at communication with our specialists by phone or email (Contacts page)